OC Pride Ensures The Fundamentals Of Operational Management, Consumer Service Delivery &
Financial Accountability Are Carefully Managed & Reviewed To For Optimum Performance


Antoinette Hall, CEO and General Manager of OC Pride, raises the bar of owners corporation management,
by ensuring the fundamentals of operational management, consumer service delivery and financial accountability
are carefully managed and reviewed to ensure continued optimum performance.


Commercial/industrial buildings need to be run by business minded people, with solid business management and facilities management expertise to ensure the day-to-day operations are handled efficiently and cost effectively.

OC Pride understands the commercial viability and urgency when issues arise. That’s why we take pride in ensuring the best possible contractors with the greatest expertise are used for all our buildings. We ensure all contractual specifications are well documented and closely monitored, creating contractor accountability and performance measures.

OC Pride keeps track of costs affecting major plant and equipment, so asset lifecycles can be monitored and maintenance plans properly implemented so minimum downtime and costs occur.


Take advantage of the service delivery qualities OC Pride has to offer.

Antoinette Hall has been instrumental in the setting-up and management of some of the best lifestyle/resort offerings in Victoria, such as Moonah Links, Settlers Run, 13th Beach Golf Resort, and understands their long term requirements.

As more and more lifestyle opportunities are developed, improvement on offerings is sought at minimum cost.

Speak with OC Pride Australia to discuss what services can be implemented to make your lifestyle/resort an asset that is envied by others.


OC Pride Australia understands the stringent requirements that come with management of over 50’s living lifestyles.
With great management and a caring approach, OC Pride can offer your Over 50's environment a carefree and easy lifestyle which can be achieved with strong contract management to ensure maximum benefit for your budget.

OC Pride can work with developers to create the ‘lifestyle’ your clients need, want and wish for, whilst ensuring the strict laws and requirements that govern this industry are assured.

An Owners Corporation within an Over 50's Living environment is an area OC Pride loves managing as we are able to offer wonderful customer service to those who want a truly carefree living environment.


OC Pride gives sound Owners Corporation Management advice and well planned set-up, handover and ongoing management of your project. This can save developers thousands of dollars and lots of headaches in the long term.

We create realistic budgets and rules to take you through to your marketing stage and ensure, as a developer, you achieve the best set-up for your project prior to handover.

OC Pride takes a consultative approach to your building that provides an extremely transparent outcome to you and your future clients. We work with your team to ensure they are comfortable with how your project will be managed well into the future.

If you want to save thousands on your set-up, OC Pride have some great strategies in place that not only get your building up and running as best as it can possibly be, but saves you as a developer and your new owners thousands of dollars well into the future of the building.

Give your purchasers the opportunity for the very best building set-up, handover, and continued service delivery. Set up an appointment with Antoinette Hall, Director of OC Pride. She will be only too willing to provide you with an insight to possible developer savings that will extend to your new purchasers.


Working on a new community development, OC Pride Australia can assist you in producing a well thought out community atmosphere for its residents by looking 'outside the square'.

Our fresh approach to your long term master plan objectives will take into consideration the most cost effective, yet productive way of achieving those objectives. Making your master community one that will be sought after for years to come.

Let’s look at the future needs of your target market and create effective and strategic planning, and management strategies that ensure the sharing of costs and the long term sustainability of your project are well measured and thoughtfully designed.


Eureka Tower
7 Riverside Quay & 8 Cook Street, Southbank

Antoinette Hall has a longstanding relationship with this iconic building, having part of setting up the original Owners Corporation setup including budgets, rules and handover process from developer to original owners. Antoinette joined Eureka Tower as part of its management team in 2014 and is now the Owners Corporation Manager under OC Pride.

Since her commencement at Eureka Tower, Antoinette has taken on a detailed approach to contract and staff management. Her strategic direction was embraced by Committee members and the implementation of new ideas has seen the Owners Corporation save at least the OC Pride contract fee on a per annum basis.

New Development
30 Esplanade, Brighton

contractor management

This building is being managed by OC Pride as a 'special request' by the developers who have used the services of Antoinette Hall to manage their properties in the past and wanted to continue the solid relationship.


If you believe your building is a huge asset and want to protect it well into the future,
contact Antoinette Hall from OC Pride Australia today.