contractor management

Resident, Building & Contractor Management

OC Pride can manage all permanent or part/time employee payroll, superannuation, holiday leave, workcover, rental requirements etc.

OC Pride will ensure the right person is selected for your building and then properly managed thereafter. With the relevant assistance and ongoing training we can ensure your staff are up to date with the requirements of the role as well as the regulated OH&S requirements.

Any person employed by your Owners Corporation, either permanently, part-time or on a casual basis, needs to be properly managed, their processes overseen and assistance given where required. These employees must understand the contracts that are in place and how they manage and monitor those contracts. They must ensure customer service to the stakeholders of the building is given at all times and continually updated in regulations and standards.

Antoinette has employed Building Managers over Victoria, Perth and Dubai/UAE, by matching the skill set required, to the building and role.

Once appointed, OC Pride works closely with each employee to ensure the highest standards are upheld, rules are adhered to, contractors on site are closely controlled and monitored and the safety of the building is given the utmost priority.