Who Really Pays For Facilities Management?

Is your Owners Corporation Management company sub-contracting to a Facilities Management company to manage your assets?

Ask yourself:

  1. Who pays the facilities management company?
  2. Is there a reason to pay for a facilities management company to oversee the contracts for our building when we have an Owners Corporation Management company who is supposed to be doing our contract management?
  3. Who is writing up the specifications for the contracts being provided?
  4. Where are they sourcing the contractors?
  5. ​Is the tendering process fair - are they even tendering?
  6. What dollar percentage of every contract is going to either the Facilities Management company or the Owners Corporation Management company?

The OC Pride Difference

  • Has no affiliations with ANY contractors
  • Manages all contracts and contractors to ensure fair competition, good pricing and excellent customer service
  • Provides expertise which enables us to take a holistic approach to the facilities, contractual and budget management of your building and its assets.
  • Can save you thousands of dollars per year and/or increase the service delivery levels on all your contracts
  • Does not take secret commissions.
  • Does not employ facilities management companies.

OC Pride ensures all savings go back to the Owners Corporation.

OC Pride - Adding Value